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Come in to see the latest work in from Jane Rafter, Tony Brodrick, Frans Wesselman, Ann Pollard, John Paul Cooke, Colin Moore, Zoe Zegzula, Darren Stevenson, Kim Black, Oliver Lovley, Mark Wilde, Mel Graham and Tom Gavin.

An amazing variety of original pieces from local and national, acclaimed artists.

Kim Black

This is typical of the style of Kim Black, and artist who has been with us from the early days of Mish Mash. We always have her latest pieces in the gallery so if this is the sort of work you like, come in.

k black 002

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mish mash galleryHere’s the latest view of the gallery featuring artwork, photography, furniture, ceramics, glass and more. Do pop in for a browse.

We offer a try at home service to allow you to view art in your own home prior to purchase.